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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot (Antonyms): Pacific/Belligerent

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Pacific: adjective - making, or tending to make peace, resulting in reconciliation; appeasing, conciliatory, calming; of a peaceful character, peaceable; characterized by calm or peace, tranquil.

Belligerent: adjective - waging war regularly, as recognized by law; aggressively hostile, pugnacious; pertaining to a belligerent.

'In the world, whilst the general perception of Switzerland and Norway tends to the pacific, many nations view the USA as belligerent, due to its chosen stance as policeman of the globe.'

'Jenny stepped lightly between the boys, her gentle touch on each of their arms, a pacific influence on what had promised to be an ugly conflict over her charms.'

'Always ready for a fight, Tony was known as a bully in the streets and feared because of his belligerent nature and readiness to use his fists or any available weapon to get his own way.'

1669 - The first jury trial was held in Delaware, resulting in Marcus Jacobson being condemned for insurrection and suffering a sentence of flogging, branding & slavery.

1920 - Bob Hope became an American citizen, creating the 'loss' of a great comedian to the British but extending his talents to the wider world in the process.

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