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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot (Antonyms): Rabble/Aristocracy

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Rabble: noun - a crowd of disorderly people, a mob; people imagined as comprising a mob; the lowest class of people, commoners.

Aristocracy: noun - a ruling body of members of the nobility; the class to which these rulers belong; a patrician or privileged class of people; the best examples of a quality or skill; a privileged or elite group.

'Recent riots in London were caused by a rabble of opportunists in search of thrills and free booty, rather than by any group of real protestors.'

'Most of the aristocracy in the UK are descendants of robber barons who helped various unworthy monarchs to maintain their power over the populace. The social contract was supposed to be a deal in which the powerful protected the general population in return for food and some small reward. Of course, it quickly degenerated into an excuse to exploit those with lesser means and take advantage of their ignorance and powerlessness; it remains so today, of course.'

A question for you to ponder: When they cure ham, what disease does it have?

1882 - The first string of Christmas tree lights was created by Thomas Edison, starting a tradition that has grown into the excess of today, with hundreds of millions of cheap illuminations decorating the interiors and exteriors of millions of homes and public buildings to little purpose.

1941 - Winston Churchill arrived in Washington for a wartime conference. Of course, it's unlikely the US would have joined the battle without the rude behaviour of the Japanese in destroying their fleet in Pearl Harbour only days before. Perhaps we, in UK and Europe, should applaud the Japanese for involving the US in a war that might otherwise have resulted in a very different world for all of us?

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