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Friday, 30 December 2011

Stuarts' Daily Word Spot (Antonyms): Zany/Serious

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Zany: adjective - comically idiotic; ridiculous or comic; bizarre, crazy.

Serious: adjective - grave, solemn or sober in disposition or intention; responsible, neither reckless nor careless.

'The tabloid newspaper was in the habit of describing any student activity that was even marginally out of the ordinary as "zany", so that it was impossible to take its reports seriously.'

'Jason was a serious young man; his sober clothes, sedate manner and generally grave habit made him the butt of the jokes played by his more frivolous fellow students.'

1703 - Tokyo was hit by an earthquake, which killed about 37,000.
1919 - Lincoln's Inn in London admitted its first female law student. And even after almost a hundred years of supposed equality, women are seriously underrepresented as barristers and judges. So much for progress, eh?

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