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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Stuarts' Daily Word Spot: Daft/Sane

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Daft: adjective - silly; lacking intelligence; stupid; wild or reckless; unsound of mind; crazy.

Sane: adjective - sound of mind, not mad; sensible and rational; moderate; free from misguiding prejudices.

'It is often said that those who believe in any form of scripture must be daft. And this may be so. But such a stance takes account only of rational intelligence. It makes no allowance for emotional intelligence, where the subject recognises their need for some moral or heroic leader to guide them through life and therefore chooses to give credence to some doctrine that cannot be true on a reasoning level.'

'The only really sane stance on religious matters is to recognise that any form of organised religion is the product of man and has little or nothing to do with God. The sane person understands that we are incapable, as a species, of fully comprehending any power capable of designing, manufacturing and installing what we understand as the known universe. Science can sometimes appear adamant that God doesn't exist, but this is to take on the same dogmatic stance as religion: it requires faith in an absolute that cannot be demonstrated to exist.'

On a lighter note, more fitting to the season, perhaps:

'Sally was daft enough to follow Jack's urging and donned the ridiculous Santa outfit that displayed her ample cleavage and left her long legs exposed almost to the point of his desire.'

'Jane was sane enough to understand that skating on the frozen pond was not a good idea and refused to join David as he skidded over the cracked surface and finally broke through it so he was plunged into icy water to a level that cooled his ardour rather rapidly.'

1 - The first Christmas, according to calendar-maker Dionysus Exiguus. But the evidence, such as it is, suggests Jesus was probably born in either January or July somewhere around 4-6BC. But people will inevitably believe what they choose to, since it has long been shown that belief has little or nothing to do with either fact or evidence and much to do with a mixture of nurture and personal preference.

1818 - The first known Christmas carol Silent Night, Holy Night was sung in Austria, sparking one of the more attractive and seductive elements that make up the spiritual Christian festival today.

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