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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Could You Use Some Free Graphics?

I received this email today and thought I'd place it here for those who might be interested in trying the free
trial offered. I haven't tried it myself, though I have had a gander at their website, which looks very interesting. At present, I have no need for such a service. But, if you're interested or curious, here's the email, along with the link:

 I wanted to reach out to you because of the influence you have via your writings, with an offer I think you might be interested in using or sharing on your blog.  The graphic design firm RipeConcepts is offering two hours of free graphic design work as a way to meet new potential clients.

Two hours is enough for them to design a new logo for a blog, put together a banner, template for a newsletter, create a customized business card, etc. There is no obligation to use them again, and they won't exceed the 2 hour time limit so you won't get hit with having to pay at the end.

Here is the link to reserve your spot - - you can send your readers to this page as well and they can reserve theirs. There are a limited number of supplies each month, so you may want to sign up quickly if you are interested.

Thanks so much, I hope you and your readers will find this useful!
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