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Friday, 19 October 2012

The Millionaire’s Nanny, by Carol Grace, Reviewed.

I read this, as a free read, on my Kindle. It’s clearly a romance written with a female readership in mind, but that rarely stops me from reading. What matters is a combination of the quality of the writing and my interest in the characters. The story will generally interest me regardless of subject matter, since I’m interested in the interaction of characters and how they deal with the objects strewn in their paths by the author.
This is a love story involving the relationship between the millionaire of the title, who, by the way, doesn’t act like a normal wealthy man, and the nanny sent to look after his 6 year old son. The separation that caused the need for the nanny, the fact that said nanny has been sent in error to the wrong place, the man’s initial response to an attractive woman when he was expecting an older matron and is currently trying to get over the mess of separation, and the nanny’s recent loss of her own babies and the breakdown of her previous relationship all mingle to form the body of the story.
Misunderstandings roll in thick and fast, sometimes just a tad unbelievable, but acceptable due to the quality of the character building. There are some awkward changes of viewpoint, which can throw the reader when inserted more or less randomly. There is a suggestion, no more than that, of authorial morality, which explains some of the attitudes of the protagonists to their relationship but which I felt might sit a little uneasily with modern readers.
This is a gentle love story with no erotic content but an underlying sexual tension that works well. You could happily let your spinster aunt read this; there’s nothing to offend here. But, having said that, it isn’t anodyne; there’s courage and conviction, along with plenty of incident in a plot that gently wanders rather than twists and turns. It’s by no means a ‘page-turner’, but it jogs along comfortably at a pace that suits the material and style of the story.
I have to admit that I enjoyed the book and happily recommend it to those who enjoy their romance without eroticism or violence. It’s a charming ‘feel-good’ novel.

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