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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Free Horror; This Time With Links. Sorry

Around Halloween, I made my new horror story, Heir to Death's Folly free for a couple of days. A friend pointed out to me that there were no links in the post to lead to where it might be obtained. That was an oversight, but I didn't have an opportunity to correct it before the end of the KDP promotion period. So, I'm offering it again as a free book, for one day only. You can get it without cost from now (12:00 PST 4 November 12 until Midnight tonight - this translates to 07:00 Sunday to 07:00 Monday 5 November in UK. For other time zones, I'm afraid you'll have to work it out for yourself).

So, here are the links:
Amazon UK
Amazon USA

It's only available in the Kindle ebook format at present, as I decided I'd try out the Kindle Direct Publishing route for this one, to see whether it really is the aid to authors that Amazon claim.

Don't have a Kindle, but want to read it? You can download free software from Amazon to read Kindle books on your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, tablet or Mac; use this link from the UK  and, for USA readers, this link , where you can also add it to your browser, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, and Windows 8 devices.

My apologies to all those who tried this when the links weren't provided. Some of you, quite a lot, actually, managed to do the deed anyway. But I've done this to make it as easy as possible for my loyal readers to obtain the book without cost.

So far, no reviews. I know a lot of Kindle users download books when they're free and don't get around to reading them until later. I'd obviously appreciate the feedback of reviews whenever anyone feels they have the time. That way, new readers will have an idea of what they're buying when the book goes on sale at its normal price of $2.99 or £1.92. My thanks to those who do this.
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