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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Partial Success, or a Partial Failure?

Depends on whether you’re a glass half full or half empty type. For me, it’s always half full. Optimist. Always have been.
So, this is the 3rd week of the new year and how have I done with my targets?
1 story sent to a contest? Missed, but I’ve sent 1 today and will attempt to do another this week.
1 story to a magazine? Missed, but I’ll attempt to make that up this week.
Reading target is for a book a week. I’m currently reading book number 6, so well ahead of target there. Good.
Editing? I’ve done another chapter of the fantasy and a short story.
Writing? A short story finished and another written from scratch.

Excuses? Well, I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday, which took up the morning. On Sunday, I took my daughter back to university, which took up the whole day. I’m still doing the day job, which takes up another 2½  days. And I still need to take my regular rests to deal with the ME/CFS. And, from time to time, I like to relax a little, take a walk with my wife, spend some quality time with her, you know?

So, how do I feel about the week? All things considered, I’m satisfied I’ve done what I could.

How goes it for you? Brag about your successes, confess your sins: there’s a space for comments below.

The pie chart explained:
'Writing' includes the creation of stories, blog posts and reviews.
'Editing' includes the polishing of all written work to make it suitable for reading.
'Research' includes discovery of info for story content, market research, contest info and blog post research.
'Reading' includes books and writing magazines.
'Emails' includes emails, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook activity.
'Admin' includes story submission, blog posting, marketing, organisation and general admin tasks.

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