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Saturday, 12 October 2013

That Awkward Age, by Roger McGough, Reviewed.

Brilliant! A poet with heart, soul and real wit. A poet who actually wants readers to be entertained and who understands that obscure composition acts against comprehension. Poetry is, after all, a means of communicating ideas as well as emotions, passions and impressions. 

Not generally a poetry reader, I came across this as a result of a comment made on my earlier review of Dylan ThomasUnder Milk Wood. And I’m so glad I was introduced to it. It made me laugh, sigh, wonder and think. But, more importantly from a personal point of view, it inspired me to have a go at writing poetry; something I’ve dabbled in rarely but will now look at as a means of expressing ideas about those things that arouse passion in me.

If you’re a poetry lover, this will be for you, unless you prefer those obscure verses that require the reader to possess much esoteric knowledge or perform psychic interpretation of otherwise meaningless strings of words.

If, like me, you’ve tended to avoid poetry as inaccessible or irrelevant, then I urge you to sample this volume. It will change your mind and show you what can be achieved by a fluid and fertile mind responding to everyday events in terms that are expressive, clever, funny, touching, deeply observant and, most of all, accessible. Thoroughly recommended. Loved it!
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