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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sing the Midnight Stars, by C.M.J. Wallace, Reviewed

This fantasy is full of imagination and introduced me to a thread of magic I hadn’t come across before. Whether that type of magic is entirely the invention of the author or not I don’t know, but it’s a very effective story element.

I was hooked straight away by this tale of intrigue, with the mad king intent on apparent self-destruction as he greedily sets about obliterating all that is good in his kingdom. The central protagonists, male and female, are fully realised characters about whom the reader very quickly cares. The lesser characters are cleverly drawn so that they, too, are real people. Many different quirks and faults are employed to make the cast into real individuals.

The story moves quickly and the pace only slows when appropriate, allowing the reader to gather background information and details of relationships before being plunged into further action. I found the balance of description and action very well done.

I read this in ebook form and wasn’t able to access a map, which would have been a useful addition. I don’t know whether the book comes with a map or not.

Personal commitments prevented me reading this lengthy tome at one sitting, but I was always eager to get back to it. It’s a page-turner. If you like your fantasy told with skill, passion and imagination, you’ll enjoy this read. I thoroughly recommend it.
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