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Monday, 31 March 2014

Win a Signed Edition.

Yesterday was the launch party for Joinings, A Seared Sky. I spent 12 hours online, answering questions and interacting with readers who attended. A common theme during the day was positive feedback about the event. Dan Grubb, owner of Fantastic Books Publishing, had put a great deal of effort into organising and supporting this launch. I had no previous experience of such things, having allowed my other books, self-published, to promote themselves! A na├»ve decision, I now recognise, but that’s experience for you.

The day was active, participatory, fun and effective – we sold quite a lot of books!

One feature that helped attract readers was the offer of a couple of contests. Recognising that many potential visitors would be involved in the general Mothering Sunday activities and unable to attend, we thought we’d extend the opportunity to participate.

So, if you’d like the chance to win a signed print edition of Joinings, A Seared Sky, or one of the signed full-colour maps, take a visit to the launch page (just click this link and it’ll whisk you magically to the spot). Once there, at the top of the page you’ll find a welcome message. Click on ‘See more’ and a long list of links will appear, leading to various events, buying links and, most importantly, the contests. Give those a click and have a go. You never know; someone has to be a winner, why not you?

Please note that this is a limited time offer. You’ll need to do the deed by midnight GMT today, which is when the contest will close. Good luck.

And for those of you who'd just like to buy the book, here are the links:
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