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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fantastic Fantasticon and Fantasy

A date for your diaries:  16th August 2014. What’s so special about that? A great event for all those interested in Fantasy, Science Fiction and Gaming. 

Fantasticon is convention where there’s a fantastic amount going on. As a taster, here’s a short extract from Fantastic Books Publishing’s recent newsletter and blog:

The fantasy author we will be showcasing is our very own Stuart Aken who will be signing his books and talking about how he managed to keep track of the hundreds of characters in his upcoming trilogy ‘A Seared Sky’, the first book of which ‘Joinings‘ was released earlier this year. With luck, paranormal fantasy author Linda Acaster may also make an appearance at the event although we are unsure of her schedule as her excellently woven time slips are so convincing they can often spill off the page and disrupt her real life too!

There will be so much going on on the 16th that it would be silly to list it all here so head over to and check out what’s on offer. If you can make it, we’d love to see you there and meet you all in person!

Outside of the gaming aspect of FantastiCon we have lots of fantasy and science fiction attractions. As you know, we will be officially launching our Fantastic Elite Fiction at the event but in line with our ethos of helping Fantastic folks whether they are in the FBP family or not, we will also be launching ‘Zero‘, an excellent debut SF novel from J.S.Collyer who will be at the event signing her books, talking about her journey and, if rumours are to be believed, handing out cup cakes too. J.S.Collyer is an author represented by Dagda Publishing, an excellent little publishing house based in Nottingham who treat their authors with the same care and respect as we do. A truly forward thinking and driven outfit headed by the equally energetic Reg Davey, who will hopefully be there at the event too.

Of course, you’ll have to visit the 2017 City of Culture, Hull, to be at the show, but I know plenty of you will make the trip.

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