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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Epitaphs, by Anthological Poets, Reviewed.

As just one of the seventy-two poets featured in this remarkable volume, I clearly have to declare my interest. Amongst those bards you’ll find university professors, a prince, engineers, social workers, technicians, scientists, teachers and a good number of professional writers and poets. Many of the contributors have won awards for their writing and a most have published in many different forms. They hail from lands as diverse as India, Africa, USA, Canada and the UK. So, this international collection is far from being unrepresentative. I’m honoured to have been invited to contribute.

There are epitaphs here to make you smile, laugh, sigh and cry. The different styles range from the thoughtful to the exotic, the simple to the complex and profound. Suffice it to say that there is something here for everyone.

The fact of death is inescapable, of course. But here we have words to celebrate, express gratitude, proclaim greatness, explain lives unknown and sorrow for those who have left us behind. You may find solace, fellow-feeling, humour and respect amongst the different expressions of grief, loss and love.

Lovers of poetry will find much here to admire and enjoy. For those who are strangers to poetry, this is a gentle introduction to many different poets expressing human feelings in distinct ways. I recommend it unreservedly.

You can by the paperback by clicking this link.
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