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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Writing and Running for ME/CFS #7

Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The running continues to go well. This week, I started a new programme. So, a 10 minute run on Tuesday and another on Friday. Nothing for today, but tomorrow I start on 3 runs per week. I seem to be managing the training okay for the moment and I'm certainly getting fitter as the weeks go by.

The writing is also progressing. I've asked my wife and my daughter to produce some of their own words to describe how they felt during the course of my ME/CFS. I want to try to make the book as helpful to as many people as possible, and a view from a carer and a child of a sufferer should help with those perspectives.
I've started curating the diary entries, a fairly major task in itself. There are long periods without entries, of course, but i think the periods where there are entries will help form a more complete picture of the condition and its effects on me and my family.

So, progress continues. Life is a little hectic at present, with the house sold and the process of moving starting. Also, made a visit to Manchester on Friday/Saturday, so Kate to attend a job interview there.

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