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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Running and Writing for ME/CFS #17

Writing and Running:

Everything’s been on hold whilst we set up in the new home. But, we’re on top of the most urgent aspects now and things are starting to return to normal.

Due to the heavy manual work I’ve been involved in during the past 2 weeks, I’ve ditched my old training plan for the running and instituted a new one, which means a 10 minute run on Thursday, and then 3 runs a week to build distance and stamina.

Not even looked at the book since the move. But that will also change now that my study is up and running, all the shelves put up and the rest of my working paraphernalia in place.

So, bear with me. The usual Sunday report should return this weekend. I’m still waiting to see whether my application for a place in my chosen race has been accepted: should hear some time in the next two or three weeks. I’ll then start looking for sponsorship so we can raise some funds for ActionforME and give some help to those who need it.

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