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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Writing Progressing

Up early again this morning and managed to complete the last of the new character profiles I needed to progress the writing. Completed 1,200 words before breakfast, which we consumed whilst watching the start of the London marathon. It's always an inspiration, with so many ordinary people doing extraordinary things, mostly for charity and even the celebrities turning out for good causes. Elle McPherson looks as good as ever on her exercise regime and even Will Young put in a creditable performance, amongst others, such as Matthew Pinsent. As a rule, I tend to dismiss celebrities, but in this event they do seem to do some real good.
Later, we took a lovely 4 mile walk with my wife in bright sunshine and warm weather. Had to rest on our return, of course - it's an essential for me. After lunch, I returned to the fantasy novel and continued with Ch21, which now runs to page 208 and has 2740 words, so not a bad day's work.
I've stuck a few more photos on my Facebook page at and one of the pics I took this morning is reproduced here; a small copse surrounded by oil seed rape just off the road to Little Driffield.
For those of you who enjoy language, my Daily Word Spot is just that, a post each day with a new word defined. I'd welcome your comments on this and on any of the other stuff on this blog.
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