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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Writing: Some Real Words Put Down at Last

An early start saw me completing the character profiles, so I now have 8 new characters to get to know. It's been handy that I have had other things prevent me actually continuing with the narrative as it's given me a little more time to know the new people in my story. I'll need to do just one more, as a new event has meant that one of the female characters will return to her home and a man will take her place on the journey that will form one of the three story threads of this volume.
I've managed to write more of Ch20 and complete that at page 201, with a total of 4372 words in that section.
Today, I've also prepared a new interview for the blog along with some more of the Word Spot items. Had a short walk with Valerie. Saw Kate off on the train to Coventry, where she and her friend will stay until her friend's family whisk them off to Turkey for a week on Monday. Oh, and the new characters caused me to examine and modify the spreadsheet I use for a timeline. I'd moved the files containing the character profiles, so the hyperlinks from the spreadsheet to the profiles no longer worked. I've restored them as it is really helpful to have a central place from which I can check on the characteristics of any given person in the story whenever I need to. It's so easy to change a character's eye colour, height or even gender! This is especially the case when you're trying to keep tabs on 61 named characters.
So, that's me done for now. I think I've earned a drop of the red stuff and a relaxing evening with my wife. Even if I haven't earned it, it's what I'm going to do!

The picture, topical as it is, was taken on a walk at a local beauty spot (South Landing at Flamborough) a year ago.
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