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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Frustrations of titles

For some years, I've been writing a fantasy novel; volume one of a trilogy. I'd always planned on calling the series 'Skyfire'. So, somewhat belatedly, I checked Amazon for the title, having failed to do that with Breaking Faith and then discovering umpteen books with the same title. The search came up with 75 results for Skyfire, so, back to the drawing board. But I've come up with an alternative, which I think will work as well; watch this space for more news on that. Whilst I was at it, I devised titles for each volume and checked those out online at Amazon and on Google, as well. All OK on that score. I'm on the final edit before I start the search for an agent on this one; working on chapter 16 of 68 at present.
Spent a little while bringing the website up to date. There are links to over 220 sites of interest to writers and readers on Give it a look, if you're interested in books, fiction or stories.
Had a bit of good news yesterday; I've won an unspecified prize in the LaScala Studios short story contest. I'll discover what at the prize-giving ceremony at the end of July.

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