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Sunday, 2 May 2010

A new start

I started this blog some months ago, when I had no real idea how the whole blogging scene worked. Now, a little more savvy (though still confused by much of the associated technology) I will start again.
The General Election is fast approaching and, having read those words, you've just abandoned my blog. Can't say I blame you. But you've got this far, so let me at least point you to my view on the whole charade, for charade it is. Governments have little to do with running states. Most power is enshrined in the hands of multinational corporations, which, I can assure you, have your interests very much not at heart. What governments can do is regulate to some extent and try to harness the unelected power brokers to help rather than hinder their citizens. Does this mean I think voting is a waste of time? Not really, but it is as well to be aware of the reality of the situation. Of course, in Britain, we have a fundamentally flawed system, which renders the votes of more than half its electorate meaningless. With luck, we might just get a chance this time to alter the way your vote and mine is used. Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if a politician somewhere actually reflected your views? No matter how left, right or central your opinions, at present they are discounted by our 'first past the post' system. You are disenfranchised by placing your cross. But this time you can change that. One party is eager to make real changes to the voting system. The other two will tell you that a hung parliament is dangerous and will never come to any conclusions; no decisions will be made, disaster will occur. Yeah, right! So the see-saw of Labour/Conservative has served the country well, has it? Perhaps it's time for us to consider government by consensus rather than by conflict. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of the sixth form antics of Parliament, where games take precedent over serious discussion  and name calling is ranked above sensible dialogue. We pay our MPs huge salaries; isn't it time they gave us value for money and actually got on with the job? And, as for a hung parliament causing fewer decisions to be made, I'm all for that. There are so many laws in this land that the lawyers have a field day every time there's a dispute. Such complexity is to no-one's advantage, so fewer laws is fine by me.
Well, I've ranted enough for now. I'll try to rant and rave a little more regularly now I know what to do. Please leave your comments. I won't promise to respond straight away (I live a life and spend most of my spare time writing, so I shall visit less often than perhaps I should. But I will respond, where I think it is worth it.)
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