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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Back to the Detailed Edit

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So, my three days of part-time paid employment have passed again and I'm back to the real work. Just completed chapter 40 of the 68 and reduced the total number of pages by 12 along the way, making the whole piece tighter.
Had an interesting alert from Google the other day. A friend, Avril Field-Taylor, who writes crime novels, had done an interview with me on her blog I'd included a quote from Max Boyce in my replies and, lo and behold, the interview came up on a website dedicated to British Comedians. It seems the cult of the celebrity might bring benefits to the rest of us, after all.
Writing this in a short break between seeing my teenage daughter off to school and waking my patient, lovely, wonderful wife, who's having a lie-in following days of hectic activity.
Currently reading The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker; a huge tome of literate and informed analysis of what makes a story a story. Fascinating stuff and so well written and researched. Must also read From Pitch to Publication, by Carole Blake, as I've borrowed that from one of my writing group members and the rest are gagging to read it. Sorry, Carole; should buy my own copy, I suppose. And I will, when I've made more money from writing.
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