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Friday, 25 June 2010

Progressing, slowly

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Chapter 45 is about to go under the knife. But I've spent much of the day doing other things. Bad news from Australia has meant some personal trauma and some time spent in speaking to unhappy relatives there. Also, step-mother is still in hospital and there were call regarding that as well.
I'm currently reading Carole Blake's From Pitch to Publication, which seems a good book so far, though it might be a little out of date in certain ways, as it was published in 1999. Used to be a factual book could stay up to date for years. These days, they can be old fashioned almost before they've populated the shelves of the local book store. But, in reality, is so much changing, or is it simply being presented in different ways? And, if there is so much change, is it all for the better? I think not.
I digress.
Tomorrow I must place a review of Penny Grubb's Like False Money on here, as her new book, The Doll Makers, is now out. Haven't read it yet, but intend to review it when I have, as I enjoyed her first one so much.
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