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Friday, 2 July 2010

Funds For Writers website, a review.

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C. Hope Clark runs a very useful, generous and informative website in Funds For Writers. Here you will find concise information about grants, prizes and other funds available for writers. She produces 3 newsletters:
Funds for Writers, lists higher paying markets, contests and grants, covering both USA and UK.
FFW Small Markets lists smaller markets, but they always pay.
Writing Kids is a useful tool for younger writers from elementary to college level, and has found favour with teachers and parents.
She does phone consultations with writers – of course there’s a fee for this and you need to know that she’s located in the USA.
She lists a huge number of indexed links to other websites of interest to writers. These are divided into different categories to make it easier to search.
There is also an extensive list of books, both printed and in ebook format, for writers.
The newsletters and site usage is all free, but there is an option to join Total Funds For Writers, which will cost you $15.00 a year and brings other benefits.
I can recommend the site and the newsletters to anyone wanting to make some sort of income from their writing.

Word of the day: Cacophony - discordant sound, as in, ‘The school brass band had not rehearsed enough and their rendition of Abba’s Thank You For the Music was more a cacophony than a tribute. Of course, you can use it in metaphor as well; a cacophony of colour – suggests something garish, don’t you think?

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