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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sally Quilford, Writing Contests

Sally Quilford features monthly in Writers’ Forum Magazine, giving details about writing competitions for readers. Her website is quite varied, providing writers’ resources with links to other websites of interest. There is a link to Sally’s own Writing Calendar, which gives details of writing contests in monthly form with closing dates and enough details for aspiring entrants to decide whether to have a go without having to trawl through pages of detail. There’s also a very useful section called ‘Competition Tips, which I’d advise any would-be winner to read and absorb. Very useful and one I’ve bookmarked.
Sally’s website is aimed mainly at writers interested in the womag market and has a good deal of information, advice and links for that particular genre. There are links to articles about writing for women’s magazines and guidelines for specific magazines.
If you’re stuck for a story idea, have a look at her story generator; very useful for those who need inspiration.
There is also a page full of links to other writers, writing organisations and other writing communities. She lists her own contest successes and publications, and recommends books for writers.
All in all, a very useful site.

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Bathos: an unintended drop into the ridiculous or trivial when trying to convey passion, pathos or elevation. It usually causes unintended amusement as did William Wordsworth with these few lines, intended to curry sympathy:

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