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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Review of Dearly Ransomed Soul by Avril Field Taylor

I read a good deal of fiction in many genres, but I don’t often read crime fiction. So, for a crime novel to hold my attention, there has to be a lot going on around the crime and the characters have to be interesting. Avril Field-Taylor tells a tale in Dearly Ransomed Soul, with a good many subplots, populated by people I can relate to. The main character, Georgia Pattison, is so well drawn I feel I know her as a friend. The underlying love story and the relationships of Georgia with the policewoman, Hamilton and Georgia's friend Carrie, are particularly well handled. It was a bonus to learn so much about the world of music along the way.
I started reading this book on the bus to work and found I then had to devote much of the weekend to it, as I didn't want to put it down, in spite of the many calls on my time.
I look forward to more of this line of fiction from Avril Field-Taylor and recommend Dearly Ransomed Soul as a damn good read.

Word of the day: Fantasy – a phantom, hallucination, something imagined, something tasteful fantastic or clever brought about by imagination, a literary genre using usually imagined locations and individuals. So many meanings. I choose to illustrate the last, since it has some resonance for me. ‘Stuart Aken has devised a truly believable imagined world, peopled by fascinating characters and creatures in his new fantasy trilogy. I recommend this good read.’  A bit of a cheek really, since I have written the book but not yet sent it for publication. Still, it explains the usage, I think.

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