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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Prizemagic – a place to find current writing contests.

The idiosyncratic and amusing presentation of the Prize Magic site belies its serious purpose. Michael Shenton, the website owner, has a great sense of humour and dishes out his advice, tips and warnings with tongue in cheek. His lists of contests, both for writers and for ordinary folk not obsessed with words like we are, is extensive. But he doesn’t just give details of what’s available; he makes judgements based on experience, gives warnings and provides tips on how to win. Here’s a man who has won rather a lot of contest of various types and who is willing to share his secrets with visitors. Of course, there’s the inevitable sales pitch for his books, but this is unobtrusive and you can completely by-pass it if you go straight to the Writing Comps button at the foot of the front page. He’s a  man after my own heart, who obviously believes that knowledge, like money and muck, is best spread as widely as possible. Give him a go; you know you want to.

Word of the day: Edition; a version, sometimes new and following revision, usually of a book but also of other things, including people, when used metaphorically. ‘The revised edition of Karen had all the men turning their heads with admiration.’

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