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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Review of SEERS by Karen Wolfe

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In Seers, Karen Wolfe has devised an entertaining narrative populated by believable but idiosyncratic characters. She has a very unusual voice, which expresses humour particularly well. All the goodies in this tale of a parallel society, where mindreading is an everyday experience, have flaws to make them real human beings, or dogs, wolves or unicorns. The baddies are monsters whose wickedness is based in some past event or personality flaw and, in spite of their awfulness, the reader understands where they are coming from. These are the sort of people you either love or hate and in both cases you hope they’ll get their just desserts. This is a well constructed story with excellent pace. Karen's imagination is clearly fruitful and I love the names she uses. The humour ranges from smiles to laugh out loud and forms a worthy counterpoint to the tension and action that directs the story. If you enjoy your heroes/heroines as characters with balls and a sense of humour and if you enjoy tales set in parallel societies that are believable, you'll enjoy this book. I certainly did.

Word of the day: Decadence – decay, deterioration, decline, self-indulgence. But we often use this specific quality to describe people or situations with a sexual connotation. ‘Much contemporary art displays the decadence of skill and craft in the modern practitioner.’  

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