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Monday, 26 July 2010

Review of Writing Calendar website.

Sally Quilford’s Writing Calendar is a must for those who like entering writing contests, and for those who are unsure whether they should. Those to whom this world is a closed book will find a great deal of useful information here. I like the site because Sally takes the trouble to filter out those contests where the prizes offered are not really prizes at all but inducements to buy something.
She itemizes competitions in a number of different ways but the calendar theme is expanded by her way of prioritising those contests that are soon to close. She lists the contests by month, with the current month at the top of the long list.
Monthly, quarterly, semi annual and annual competitions are also given their own spots.
Her Competition Tips is worth a read, especially by the uninitiated and by those who think the rules don’t apply to them (you know who you are).
Ask Sally is a compilation of appropriate questions and answers on the topic of contests and full of sound advice.
As a bonus, she includes some of the articles she has written for the excellent Writers’ Forum Magazine – more great advice.
And, generous soul that she is, she includes a page listing other websites that list other writing contests. All in all an excellent resource and one I turn to frequently.

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Word of the Day; vainglorious – excessively vain, boastful, proud of own abilities etc. ‘Gregory, a small man with a smaller mind but a reputation for his vainglorious expositions, constantly boasted of his achievements until everyone stopped listening due to boredom.’

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