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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Writers Services Website; a review.

Writers’ Services has over 2000 pages of advice, information and tips for writers. Most of the resource on this website is free, with some professional services offered at a charge. (As is my habit, I’ll concentrate on the free stuff; it’s up to the website to market anything they want you to pay for). There is a monthly online magazine, packed full of news and comment and columns from well established figures in the writing world. An up to the minute News section details all things writerly, as they happen. The Comment section holds information listed under a great variety of headings and has links to the archives so you can find items published in previous years. Under ‘What’s New?’ you’ll find diverse articles; e.g. 26 July 2010 headings are: John Jenkins’ July Column – dealing with dialogue; News Review, looking at Amazon; The English Language, publishing world; Comment, looking at translations; Latest changes in the book world, where Chris Holifield looks at Creative Commons; and more.
Writers’ Web holds information and articles on everything to do with the web as it applies to writers, including links to free software, quantity versus quality, inexpensive printing, security, etc.
But it is the Resources pages that really make this site stand out from the crowd. Here you’ll find reviews of books and software, listings of agents, self-publishing facts, educational matters, health and safety advice, and there’s a new feature, reviewing writing magazines.
You’ll see there is a great deal of information on this site. It’s well presented and easily navigated, which is as well, considering the number of pages. It’s a site I browse often and I think you’ll benefit from a good look at this one.
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