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Monday, 27 September 2010

When to use Choice, Choose or Chose

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Away from all things computer to celebrate marriage to my wonderful wife, Valerie, for 22 years today.  I’m keeping things going with scheduled blogs dealing with the language we use as writers. I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t reply to any comments for the time being, but I’m having a very well-earned (I think so, anyway) rest from work for a couple of weeks. And, today, enjoying a special meal and a quiet drink with the woman I love.

When to use Choice, Choose or Chose 

choice: something selected, a decision, an option, something special. ‘Mary’s choice of dessert was Death by Chocolate, which was a wise selection given the nature of the rest of the offerings.’
choose: select, decide, pick out. ‘I choose to take today off work and instead celebrate my wedding anniversary with my wife.’

chose: is simply the past tense of choose.  ‘Pauline chose to accompany Paul Anka, in his car, rather than Mike, on his bike, to the school prom.’
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