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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Another Word of the Day

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Word of the Day is divorced from the other posts in this blog and produced in response to a request from a follower to provide just such a service.

Word of the Day; question mark.  A question mark (?) is a punctuation mark and not a substitute for a question, as so many of today’s commentators seem to think. If you want to ask or place a question, the best way is to simply do so. And, it’s fine to suggest that there is ‘a question mark’ over a particular policy, action or event. But, please, don’t use the two as though they were interchangeable. They’re not. They are different things. 
‘Does Danni Minogue, in common with most Antipodeans, always end her comments on the rise, as if they ended with a question mark?’ This is a question, and therefore ends with a question mark.
‘There is a question mark hanging over the new taxation policy.’ This sentence, not a question, suggests that the taxation policy is subject to doubt.

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