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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Breaking Faith Published in Full as eBook for all platforms.

As a result of public demand, I've now published Breaking Faith as an ebook in its full version. That means that the ebook now contains the erotic scenes that previously I'd restricted to the print version.
On reflection, I should never have allowed the prudish attitudes of a few readers to influence my decision on this. The erotic content is integral to the story; neither gratuitous, nor extraneous. The book, after all, is about the difference between love and sex: it cannot properly convey that theme without some sexual content.
So, if you'd like to read this book on your PC, Mac or eReader, you can now do so by visiting Smashwords.     In the near future, I intend to place this on the Amazon Kindle site as well, but if you want this for your Kindle, you can still do so via Smashwords.
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