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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Stuart's Word Spot: Dab

The first major Pointillist work by Marc Richa...Image via Wikipedia
Stuart's Word Spot is divorced from other posts in this blog and produced in response to a request from a follower to provide just such a service.

Dab: noun – a gentle tap with something soft, a sight blow, a small flatfish living in coastal waters, an adept (in plural form; dabs – fingerprints): verb – to pat, press without rubbing, apply paint or other substance in this way.
'He felt the dab of spirit-cooled cotton wool on his bicep just before he fainted as the needle entered his arm.'
'The pointillist painter was seen to dab, dab, dab at the canvass as his brush constructed an image consisting of thousands of individually hued spots.'

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