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Thursday, 13 January 2011

What's Your Favourite Genre, And Why?

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The thorny subject of genre is contentious for writers, but readers generally have a more positive attitude, since it helps them decide which books they might like to read.
I asked the question, What does genre mean? in a previous blog, so I won't go back into that one (though you may revisit and comment on that as you wish). Here, I'm more interested to know which particular genre gets your vote and why this is the case. Of course, many of you will like variety, and I'd love to hear from you on this. Is there a particular genre that definitely gets your 'no' vote? It's an odd fact that a lot of writers don't read the sort of books they actually write, though many do, of course. I tend not to read crime fiction, largely because I often find it depressing. But, having said that, I've read some very good crime novels, so I don't completely ignore it.
My own favourites include, literary, science fiction, fantasy, romance (not the Mills & Boon type), and good quality thrillers. But, in fact, I read a great deal of fiction and non-fiction in many different genres, ( a quick glance at my listed books on the Goodreads site will illustrate my wide tastes) so I suppose I'm not a typical reader. Or am I? You tell me.
Just as a quick aside, here: if you're a reader, you might like Goodreads as a site which gives reviews on all sorts of books from a huge variety of readers.

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