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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

And the Edit Goes On

Orange Fringe FlareImage by catface3 via FlickrNothing done yesterday, as I had a long day at work; most of it with my ear glued to the phone, answering questions about rates bills. Also, our dance class in the evening, when we were put through the basics of, amongst others, the Viennese Waltz; not recommended for those who suffer from any form of dizziness.
This evening, I wanted to write and post the review of The Alchemist (see below). So, having dealt with the 69 emails awaiting my return from work, I thought the rest of my time would be better spent doing the typing corrections to the MS for the first book. Managed to complete 4 more chapters of that and now time for rest in preparation for tomorrow at the office and then an evening in Hornsea with my writing group.
Still, 4 chapters of corrections was a worthwhile contribution, I think.
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