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Friday, 11 March 2011

Do You Truly Love Books?

A common instance of theft: the bicycle frame ...Image via WikipediaIf you are a book lover, you will hopefully see the sense and justice in this -
Piracy in the music industry occurred mostly because music lovers believed they were being ripped off by the record companies. The resultant theft damaged a huge number of emerging bands and stopped many of them ever finding a public voice. The same is going to happen to the book industry if we, as writers, publishers and readers don't do something to stop it.
Piracy is theft. Pirates are thieves. Plain and simple. Would you steal a book from a store? No. So why is it okay to steal one electronically?
Some major publishers sell their ebooks at inflated prices, but most independent authors sell theirs at very reasonable cost, so please allow those of us who write to glean some financial reward from what, in many cases, represents years of hard work. The stories of rich authors are hugely inflated. Most novelists are lucky if they sell 2,000 books. At 10% royalties, do the maths. No one can live on that sort of income.
Sorry for the rant, for those who would never dream of such theft, but there are a lot out there who do this without any understanding of the consequences.
Let me have your views, please.
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