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Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Edit Continues

Laptop computers are portable and can be used ...Image via WikipediaSo; the last few days have been busy, but in a manner that didn't exactly enhance the edit.
My daughter is studying for A levels and my wife was using her PC. The call on the computer was becoming too difficult, so we bought an Acer Laptop for my wife to use in the sitting room whilst my daughter continues with her studies in her bedroom. Of course, the laptop will also serve me well by being available for my writing on the summer days when I take my wife to her bowls matches; I can write under the sun.
Because the laptop was running Windows 7, and needed MS Office fitting, version 2010 made sense, I also had to upgrade my PC to match. In between the purchase and the finalisation of the set-up, I've had to be at my day job. So, today, I finally completed the process so that the laptop runs my wife's files and she can print wirelessly from my printer.
Those of you who have been following this particular thread on my blog will know I thought I'd reached a point in the adult fantasy where I could end the first book. Reflection has meant that I realise this is not the case. I need to add a few more chapters before I can properly conclude all three story threads.
Today, after all the other jobs, I managed one further chapter. Now on chapter 45, page 429. And still going well. Using the new OS and the updated Word program has made things a little less simple than they were, but I guess I'll soon get used to the new systems.
Tomorrow, given a bit of luck, I'll get a few more chapters done.
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