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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Edit Now Close to the End

Hornsea+Writers+by+Weronika+Dziok+(lo+rez)Image by stuartaken via FlickrAfter a few days suffering with a co-occurrence of my CFS, I've found it difficult to get on with the edit. But, today, after a good rest, I've really been able to plough on. I'm now ready to work on Ch14 of book 2 and the pile of paper MS that has decorated my desk for so many days is now down to a mere 19 pages. I'll soon be able to start the actual writing. But, before then, there are still a few chapters on file that were the original starting chapters of book 2, so those will now have to be absorbed into the body of the work before the new stuff can progress. Much as I enjoy the editing, I'm really eager to get on with the writing again.
Today has been mostly quiet with little activity, apart from that above. I walked with Kate to town and helped her open a student account at the bank, so she can now start the process of applying for her student funding. And I took some stuff out of the loft to pack into damp-proof boxes to keep it from spoiling up there in the cold. The fence at the side of the house has finally succumbed to the weather and partly disintegrated, but we've already engaged a local man to build a new one; he'll be coming toward the end of the month, so we'll have to put up with the rickety arrangement until then. The strong blow from today was the final straw for a fence that should really have been replaced some years ago.
Last night, at my writing group, I read out a short story I'm intending to place in an anthology of romantic tales in the near future. It went down well, with a suggestion I alter the name of the heroine; something I agreed with after a short discussion.
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