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Friday, 1 April 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Quack

The quackImage via Wikipedia
Quack: noun – someone who pretends medical skill or knowledge; anyone who claims knowledge or skill they do not have; a charlatan; slang for a doctor, physician or surgeon; couch grass; the sound made by a duck; verb – to make a sound like a duck; to practice a pretended skill.

‘That so-called holistic therapist is nothing but a quack, pedalling his hair-brained ideas and robbing the credulous of their hard-earned money.’

‘In the idyllic silence surrounding Robert and Jennifer, making love alfresco, the sudden quack from the pond sent their heightened senses into overdrive so that they burst out laughing and shook so violently that they came simultaneously; a quack, from that day forward, always made them horny.’

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