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Friday, 1 April 2011

Edit Progressing Slowly

Exterior view. Bronze tympanum, by Olin L. War...Image via WikipediaThis morning, I managed to complete all the corrections to the printed MS, which means I finished on Ch15 at page 148 of book 2. There are now a few chapters that are ready to be edited and checked for consistency and structure. Once those are done, I'll be able to start the new writing.
I've spent a good part of today updating my data base of Writing Contest details ( see the Writing Contest tab above). I've managed to add a few new details to the page on here, but have now run out of time, so I'll add the rest tomorrow. If you're interested in writing contests as either a fiction writer or a poet, there is something there for you. Take a look.
Also spent some time setting up a new record playing system, after clearing the old one away to make the necessary space. Guess what? The new one doesn't work! It's one of those devices that's supposed to allow you to copy vinyls onto CD and, since I have a large number of LPs I can't currently listen to, i thought it would be a good idea. But, once I got the thing unpacked and located, I turned it on and none of the buttons worked. I called the helpline and now await a response so i can use the thing. Wish me luck.
For now, Good night.
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