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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Radha

Lord Krishna with his love - RadhaImage via Wikipedia
From time to time, I’m inserting in this spot the name of one of the millions of gods worshipped, feared, revered or loathed by devotees of the myriad religions around the Earth. Many people believe theirs is the only god, but I hope to show them that their god is just one of a huge pantheon and foster some tolerance.

Radha: noun – Radha is a Hindu goddess who is a favoured mistress of Krsna. In the poetry of Vidyapati she is considered a cosmic queen. In one of the many creation myths, Krsna apparently divides himself in two; one part becoming Radha. (I see this as an interesting version of the creation god invested with the very human concept that a major deity must somehow be a sexual being and therefore there must be a female counterpart for any male god. The reality, of course, is that if god does exist, it is likely to be a force or power beyond our understanding and to have no gender at all.) Radha is considered by some as the personification of emotional love and, in some sects, she symbolises the yearning of the human soul for union with Krsna.

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