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Friday, 18 March 2011

Editing Update, Late!

Garden patioImage by stuartaken via FlickrEvents  (unspecified, and therefore subject to your personal speculation) prevented me from making this update last night, so, penitently, I fill the gap this morning.
I managed another two full chapters of what is now book 2, so chapter 4 awaits me there. Still going well, and in need of only minor tweaks to accommodate the fact that these were originally chapters 55 and 56 of the first book.
Also managed to do the tying corrections of more chapters of the first book, so I'm now ready to correct chapter 11 of that.
Today, weather permitting, I must venture into the garden armed with the secateurs to remove last year's growth from the buddleia (for the non-gardeners, this is known as the 'butterfly bush'), so that it will sprout more growth this year and attract more of those colourful insects.
Those of you who follow this blog will be aware that I often use pictures to illustrate these posts. They come, mostly, from an add-on called Zemanta. I was puzzled why this always seems to suggest pictures of Harley Davidson motorbikes when I do the edit topic. Then, somewhat belatedly, the penny dropped: 'chapters', of course, is a reference to the old Hell's Angels. Mystery solved.
This time, however, a picture from my own collection, showing part of the back garden (which, I think you Americans will call a 'yard'?).
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