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Friday, 18 March 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Cabbage

Cabbage (Brassica oleracea)Image via Wikipedia
Cabbage: noun -  head made by the leaves of the plant, Brassica oleracea, served as a green vegetable, a plant of this species; my cabbage  - trans from French mon chou - my dear, my darling; a person of little intelligence; someone without interests or ambition; a person reduced by illness to an inactive state, a ‘vegetable’.

'Come on, Jemima, eat up your cabbage; it'll put hairs on your chest.'

'Come into my arms, my little cabbage, and let me transport you to heaven with my embrace.'

'That Ronald's a right cabbage; solid bone between his ears.'

'I'm sorry, Mrs Jones, but the accident has caused such severe brain injuries that, should your husband live, he'll be no more than a cabbage.'

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