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Friday, 4 March 2011

On With the Edit, in Spite of the Kindle.

Amazon Kindle e-book reader being held by my g...Image via WikipediaFinally, the laptop and PC are in synch and everything appears to be working as it should. But, this morning, my Kindle arrived. This was a surprise, as I ordered it only yesterday afternoon and opted for the free delivery option, which is supposed to take 3 - 5 days. Needless to say, I spent some time having a play and downloading some books to read. Of course, this means that the edit was once more delayed. However, I did manage another couple of chapters, so I'm now on chapter 46, page 439, and all continues to go well.
Even the spreadsheet that shows the timeline has required little alteration. So, I'm pretty pleased with the progress so far.
Now, having just taken up the Kindle after it has had a software update, I discover that it no longer wants to connect to my Wi-Fi, even though it was happy to do so before. I've entered the password about four times and it simply doesn't want to make the connection. It doesn't appear to be the password that's at fault, so I'll leave it until tomorrow and hope it feels more co-operative then. But I am pretty impressed with it as a reading device. How it compares to a paper book I will leave for the moment as I plan to do a post on that very topic in a short while.
Tomorrow, all things being equal, should see me editing a few more chapters. That's certainly my intention.
And now, at a little before 22.00 hours here in UK, I'm going to join my wife on the settee and watch some telly, relax and drink a spot of red wine.
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