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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Some Free Books & 50% Discount off Another

For all those who have been curious about my work but been reluctant to 'risk' their money by making a purchase, here's a chance, for one week only, to obtain two books without cost and the novel at half price. Interested?
Read on.
The offers apply to eBooks. Okay, I know, you don't have an eReader. This is no problem. You can read eBooks on your PC or Mac as PDF documents, or, if you prefer you can visit the Amazon sites and download free software to allow you to download Kindle books and read them on your PC. For UK readers, the link is here.  For US and the rest of the world, try here.
Of course, if you have an eReader, you can read it with ease on that, whatever make it is, as the Smashwords site supports all the eReader formats.
To get a copy of my own speculative fiction anthology, Ten Tales for Tomorrow, free, please follow this link.

For a free copy of the writing group anthology I edited, A Sackful of Shorts, please follow this link.

And to get your hands on a half price copy of my romantic thriller, Breaking Faith, please use this link.

You'll have to be quick to take advantage of this offer, as it lasts only one week, starting today.

Having recently invested in a Kindle for myself, I'm going to post a piece about the different experiences to be had from reading from paper and electronic devices later this week.
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