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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Stuart’s Daily Word Spot: Gabija

Gabija, goddess of fire. Granite mosaic in the...Image via Wikipedia
Gabija is one of my occasional god items.
(sometimes known as Gabieta or Gabeta) she’s a goddess of fire and hearth in Lithuanian myth. Considered to protect home and family and provide happiness and fertility. A shape-shifter, Gabija can appear as a stork, cat, rooster, or a woman in red. Her fire is respected and cared for, often fed with offerings of bread and salt. Fire was laid to bed and women covered charcoal with ashes overnight to stop the fire wandering. Clean water might be left near the hearth so that Gabija could wash herself. Myth suggests an ill fate for any who offended Gabija by spitting, urinating or stamping on fire, with an angry Gabija taking a walk and burning the house of the offender. 

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