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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Stuart’s Daily Word Spot: Habit

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Habit: noun -  apparel or attire, clothing, dress, set or suit of clothes, garment, gown or robe; outward form or appearance, guise; attire representing a rank, profession or function, uniform of a religious order, costume worn by a woman on horseback, a riding habit; physical appearance or constitution, bearing, demeanour, deportment or posture; surface or outward look of the body. In biology & crystallography it is the general external form of an organism or mineral; mental disposition or constitution; moral qualities, character; settled tendency to act in a particular way, often by frequent repetition of the same act until it’s almost involuntary; a customary practice or way of acting; custom, usage; dependency on addictive drugs, taking drugs; automatic reaction to a specific situation, acquired by learning or repetition.

‘It was Richard’s habit to spend a quiet hour before breakfast, sitting alone in his study and reading the morning paper before the family awoke.’

‘The nun was forced to run the gauntlet of insults as she passed the reform school, where the boys would leer and demand to know whether she was naked under her habit.’

‘Charlie and Rebecca had tried on many occasions to kick their habit, but every time they came close, one of them would bring a new supply into the house and they would succumb again.’

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