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Friday, 29 April 2011

Writing: Another 1200 Words.

Early start and another 1200 words done - an action sequence, which moves along one thread of the interwoven fabric of the story.
I was all primed to miss the 'great event' by going out to pain the garden gate,when the rain came down. Didn't last for long but then I had to wait for it to dry. So, it was after lunch before we got out there. Valerie did the big stuff, coating the new fence with appropriate green that allows the grain of the wood to show through. Her choice, by the way. I gave the new garden gate a first coat of blue - to match the woodwork on the bungalow. It's a wrought iron affair and fiddly to do and will need another coat, unfortunately. Also gave the older garden gate, on the other side of the house a second coat, so it looks new again now. The wind was cold in spite of the shining sun, so glad to be done and back inside.
Naturally, caught the evening news, so saw the newlyweds in their finery and, yes, she did look very pretty; every bit the princess.
And now we're going to have a family evening and watch the latest of the Harry Potter movies on DVD. A drop if red will make that even more enjoyable.

The picture is a place called 'Cadgers' Lane' and is part of a regular walk we do from the house.
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