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Friday, 15 April 2011

Writing - A Bit Done

It would have been great to report that I had finished the character studies and written a couple of thousand words, but....  Early this morning, the new printer arrived. I have spent much of the day installing that on my own desk computer and the laptop. It took longer than it should because I wanted to make sure I got it right first time. The print quality from the laser is brilliant. I bought a Brother in the end and it is a good machine and promises to produce some good work for me.
My keyboard, a wireless device, suddenly decided to devour the batteries without any warning, so I had to go and buy some new ones. Got some rechargeables at the same time so I won't be caught out again. That trip to town took out some of the day, as did my visit to the loft to store some boxes. Also recharged my Kindle. The battery has lasted 6 weeks or so and I've read five books on it in that time, so it looks to be doing well.
Still suffering the CFS, so plenty of rests today.
But, to the writing: I completed another of the new male characters, so just the 3 ladies to do now. And I've prepared more posts for the blog, so not a complete waste in writing terms.

The picture is a little further from home this time; a clifftop scene about 80 miles north of home, near a tiny place called Port Mulgrave.
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