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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Writing Continues in Spite of it All

After a day off work, I was determined to do some writing today, as it always improves me spiritually, which has  a positive physical effect as well. So, no writing group tonight (though, I wouldn't have been going even if I were feeling well, as the car has developed a leak in the exhaust so that it sounds like a boy racer's ride at present). I've managed to get another 2000 or so words done today; so I'm please with that.
Also, ordered a new printer to replace the one that will no longer work on this system.
Now, time to take yet another rest, in the hope I will continue to improve health wise. CFS is such a pain.

And another picture for your entertainment. This is the beach at Bridlington, just 8 miles up the road from here.
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