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Friday, 22 April 2011

Writing Going Well

This morning, before giving my wife breakfast in bed, I wrote 2000 words of Ch22 of the fantasy. So, what have I been doing all day since then? Well, had to replace a power socket in my study, as the one that serves my computer stuff was making ominous sparking noises and I prefer not to run the risk of having the house burn down. I've written and scheduled 8 blog posts, so I can concentrate on the real writing for a while. I've  promoted my new romance anthology - see the post below this one.
Done some reading - currently reading a book by one of my writing group colleagues, Beneath the Shining Mountains, by Linda Acaster.
And, now, I'm going to have some drinks with my brother and his wife, just for some music, fun and relaxation.

Today's picture is of an old drovers' lane in the North Yorkshire Dales.
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